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+150 lbs and up only

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L: 48 in. 

W: 42 in. 

H: 88 in. 





Corporate headquartered in Orange County, California with offices in Texas and Missouri. is a full-service transportation facilitator managed by executives who have over a 100 years of combined freight management experience.

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Logistics Per Pallet shipping is fast, easy, and an innovative way to ship your palletized freight with prices considerably less than you’re paying now. You can ship single to multiple pallets of freight. In fact, the more pallets you ship, the greater the savings.

We pick up your pallets, consolidate them locally and deliver to your destination. Imagine shipping your pallets without having to worry about freight classification. Shipping LTL or shipping truckloads, it doesn’t matter. Here’s how to get a quote and arrange a pickup.

Simply complete our freight quote form, and click “Get Quote”. Yes, we still require a description to meet DOT regulations, but we don’t care about the class of the freight in providing you the rates. You will be contacted with a quotation. If you like what you see, we’ll arrange everything and handle it from there.

We also make it easy to pay for your shipment. We can set up your account with established credit for this or other future shipments. Prefer to pay by credit card? No problem. You can also pay via a credit card to build your reward points via your credit card rewards programs. We’ll retain your information in a safe and secure encrypted process for future shipments. Yes, that’s right, we’re confident that you’ll want to use us repeatedly.

Have further questions? Feel free to contact via phone or email. One of our friendly and courteous logistic consultants will answer any questions you may have. By the way, our shipping services are also available for all other types and modes of shipping. Contact us for more information concerning any shipping need.

My name is Jun Takii and I would like to share my experience with Ultimate Freight Quote (UFQ) and its associated partners.

We were looking for a partner who could provide truckload and final mile deliveries in N. America and Canada. We ship just-in-time products to supply our stores with our retail merchandise.

Prior to using Ultimate Freight Quote, (UFQ) I was not having great success in being able to develop a consistent channel of distribution. We were having slow deliveries, broken down pallets, and significant issues with timely communication. That’s where UFQ came in to help fix the issues. Their can-do attitude, willingness, and ability to say yes to our needs was amazingly refreshing. There is never a “No” and always “Yes”.

The experience and business planning we continue to have with UFQ has been outstanding. In addition to planning and the execution of our business commitments, UFQ takes the time to think as if they were in their client’s shoes. Suggesting potential opportunities and honest suggestions to steer away from pitfalls is just one of their pluses.  Also, our staff appreciates the communication and constant monitoring of our shipments.


It’s with my complete confidence that I can say that UFQ will work diligently on your behalf and will exceed your expectations when it comes to providing their freight transportation services.

The team at ultimate freight quote has not just helped me reduce my shipping costs, but they have provided me a priceless peace of mind of knowing that I always have someone there to call when I need it. The UFQ team possess an incredible breadth of industry knowledge for all things transportation, warehousing, international freight, everything. I am grateful to have them in my corner.

-John Matthews

Customer Service and Logistics Manager

Latte Logistics Inc.


My name is Charles Si. – Business Development Manager for Doppler Logistics. We provide our customers with Domestic Trucking and Warehouse Services. I wanted to take a moment to share with others my experience with using Ultimate Freight Quote (UFQ) and its associated partners.

I was in the process of booking the movement of freight from our warehouse facility for one of our clients. Our original trucking company provided a rate which we in turn provided to our customer. The rate was accepted, and we then prepared the shipment for transport and notified our carrier to make the pick-up.

When we set up the pick-up with this carrier, they now advised us that the cost would be $500.00 more than the original quoted price. Obviously, we were disappointed as we had provided their rate to our customer. At that point, we reached out to Ultimate freight Quote to see if they could assist us, and I was very pleased when they came to our rescue.

I communicated our predicament and they immediately jumped in to help. They were prompt and courteous in getting back to us in a timely manner. They arranged a pick-up, and they were able to move our customer’s freight at the original price the other carrier provided. They helped us avoid what could have been an uncomfortable conversation with our customer.   

I can say with confidence that our experience with UFQ was excellent and we will continue to use their services for our company.

Charley Si.

Doppler Logistics